At Cross Timber Gundogs we put in a lot of time and effort into our breeding program. We try to be thoughtful and intentional in raising our pups by exposing them to various things that will help them off to a great start. They are exposed to walking various fields, several ponds (weather permitting), the sound of the gun, birds, children, car rides, house noises, etc. before going to their new homes.

We are selective in choosing the homes that we place our pups. We only place puppies in responsible, avid hunting homes. We do not sell to non-hunting homes. Folks that are willing to test their dogs in NAVHDA are much appreciated as this allows us to better evaluate the success of each of our breedings.

Our pups are often spoken for before they are born, so if interested, it is usually best to contact us early. If you think you might be interested in a puppy from us, take a look at our planned litters as described below and email or call us if you’re interested in additional information. You may also simply complete the Puppy Prospect Form in the box below. This will be sent directly to my email. The questions you will answer on this form will help us in selecting and placing pups from a specific breeding. It is important that you provide a detailed response to each question.

We do not typically keep a formal list for pups from our litters and attempt to match pups to clients that will best fit their needs. Any communications with us before the litter is on the ground is no guarantee that we will have a pup available for you. Once a litter is born, we will let folks know if we have something that they might be interested in. If so, we will request a deposit at that time to reserve a puppy from the specific litter discussed.

Planned Litters:



 We are accepting Puppy Prospect Forms for our G and H Litters at this time. Serious inquiries only.

Spring/Summer of 2023

G Litter

Cross Timber’s Above and Beyond, NA I


Cedarwoods Jaegr Texas, NA I, UT I

Spring/Summer of 2023

H Litter

Deschutes Asta Honor, NA I


Cedarwood’s Cowboy Oakley, UT I

Case’s Pedigree