Breeding Goals

At Cross Timber Gundogs our breeding program’s mission and focus is on producing top-quality versatile Pudelpointers with strong natural abilities that excel in the field, water and home. Below we have listed, in no particular order, some key attributes that we look for in our breeding stock:

Cross Timber’s Breeding Goals:

  • A friendly disposition towards both dogs and humans along with the ability to relax at home when not working.

  • High trainability. One that a motivated first-time handler can train themselves.

  • A natural affinity for water and strong retrieving instincts.
  • Mental stability, toughness and patience to endure harsh conditions in the wet and cold as that is when waterfowl hunting is often at its best.
  • In the field, our preference tends towards a dog with a little more range. As a rule, the Pudelpointer is very connected to its owner and rarely “self-hunts.”
  • Early maturing, strong pointing instincts, while exhibiting style and intensity.
  • We take note of the dog with the exceptional nose who locates their quarry at a distance.
  • We look for that delicate balance of independence and cooperation that creates an unmistakable bond and team effort between dog and handler that leads to both productive and pleasurable days afield.
  • A protective, harsh, dense, short to medium length, flat lying coat is preferred, while still possessing the distinctive beard and furnishings the breed is known for. Note: For us, it will always be “performance first”, and therefore, we will sometimes breed a dog having a coat that is not our personal preference if we consider them to be in the upper percentile as an overall hunting dog.
  • A dog of medium build, and one possessing a leggy appearance built to move. We feel a medium built dog best suits our hunting needs as it possesses enough body mass for staying warm in the duck blind, but it is not so large that it tires out quickly while upland hunting. This is the balancing act that is the versatile hunting dog.
  • We do our due diligence to seek out breeding stock free of genetic problems as this leads to a more productive and longer-lasting career as a hunting and family companion. A talented hunting dog must possess good health to be able to exhibit their superior hunting traits over the long haul.

The truth is that there are no “perfect” dogs. By having a list of goals (or ideals) as our guide, Cross Timber Gundogs hopes to move the genetic needle a little closer to what we consider perfection.