At Cross Timber Gundogs, we are thankful to have land, facilities, and access to several ponds for training dogs and exposing pups to all things hunting within walking distance of where we live. This allows us to give our pups the best possible start before going to their new hunting homes. It is not uncommon for us to be able to work our dogs on wild bobwhites during the off season within a few hundred yards of our house. In addition to the 20 acres owned by Cross Timber Gundogs, we also have access to another 120 acres of neighboring land with 5 ponds for extensive field and water work. The majority of dog training we do occurs on our property as well as neighboring properties, but we also have the Lexington Wildlife Management Area (i.e., 9,500 acres with numerous ponds) about ten to fifteen minutes down the road where we spend some time training dogs and hunting as well.

Inside our fully insulated 40 x 50 ft building we have plenty of room for force fetch work and other dog training when the unpredictable Oklahoma weather is not cooperating. We have several adult runs, which are 5 X 12 ft with indoor/outdoor access. These adult runs are underneath a lean to extending a full 15 ft to protect our dogs from the elements. Each adult dog has access to both an inside and outside Kuranda Dog Bed for their well-being. In addition, adult dogs and puppies take turns having access to a pea gravel exercise pen running the length of the 50 ft building.

Our operation also has a whelping room that contains two inside puppy whelping areas. The indoor whelping area is fully insulated as well as climate controlled for the comfort of our pups and their mothers. In addition, each puppy whelping area has outdoor access into a spacious 9 x 12 ft kennel.

Here are a few photos of our operation: