Frequently Asked Questions

What is the History of the Pudelpointer?

With an origin dating back to the 1800’s, the Pudelpointer is a German versatile hunting dog bred to point, track and retrieve from land and water. They descend from the German hunting poodle and the English pointer. Many breed experts believe that the German water dog used in the creation of the Pudelpointer is now extinct but is the predecessor to the modern-day Standard Poodle. The German water dog/retriever was known for their intelligence and ability to retrieve waterfowl in harsh conditions. The English pointer needs no introduction. The Pointer contributed their desire for seeking out game, good nose, pointing instinct and strong field search to the Pudelpointer. The Pudelpointer is arguably one of the most versatile hunting dog breeds available today.

Is the Pudelpointer a good family dog or pet?

The Pudelpointer makes a great choice for someone looking for a dog to be a hunting companion as well as a family companion. The Pudelpointer has always been bred to make their owner proud in the field as well as be a good house companion.

How much do Pudelpointers weigh?

It depends on the breeding, but the breed standard is generally between 45 lbs. to 70 lbs.

How long do Pudelpointers live?

Generally, between 12-14 years.

Are Pudelpointers good water dogs?

Yes, the average Pudelpointer loves the water and enjoys swimming.

Are Pudelpointers good waterfowl dogs?

The Pudelpointer makes an excellent waterfowl dog. With basic precautions, the Pudelpointer can generally withstand late season duck hunting.

Do Pudelpointers shed?

All dogs shed to some extent, but the Pudelpointer sheds much less than most other breeds.

Are Pudelpointers Hypoallergenic?

We can’t say that all folks with allergies to dogs will show no reaction to Pudelpointers, but we have received several reports from folks who say their family member who has allergic reactions to other breeds do not react to Pudelpointers.

Do you ship Pudelpointer puppies?

Due to the very strict regulations by airlines, we do not ship puppies by plane. They must be picked up in person, on site. However, many people fly to our place from other states to pick up their puppy and simply take their puppy back as a carry on in a small soft sided crate. There are less restrictions by airlines when doing it this way and our clients have had no issues. In fact, we have flown to states such as Oregon and Ohio to pick up Pudelpointer puppies that have become part of our breeding program.

Do you sell puppies to folks who don’t hunt?

We only sell puppies to hunters and hunting families.